NS 3901:2012


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This standard deals with risk assessment covering the entirety of the construction works' life cycle and focusing on fire safety for all types of construction works on land. Risk assessments under this standard are intended as an aid in designing fire safety measures. For risk assessment of incidents other than fire, see NS 5814. Figure 1 – Flow diagram for risk assessments of fire in construction works The standard describes two alternative analytical models. One of the alternatives is a risk analysis, which is dealt with in clause 6, the aim of which is to delineate the overall fire risk picture in the analysis construction works. The assessments are performed with reference to predetermined risk acceptance criteria. The other alternative is a comparative analysis, which is dealt with in clause 7, where a comparison is made between an analysis construction works and a reference construction works. In a comparative analysis, the safety level of the reference construction works expresses acceptable risk. The task is then to perform a scenario-based analysis of the consequences (effects) of any deviation from the reference construction works.

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