NS-EN 81-21:2022


Rettelser og tillegg kjøpes separat.



This document specifies the safety rules related to passenger and goods/passenger lifts installed in existing buildings where limitations enforced by certain building constraints mean that some requirements of EN 81-20:2020 cannot be met. It addresses the following constraints and gives requirements for alternative solutions: - existing perforate walls of the lift well; - reduction in available well are leading to reduced distance between car, counterweight or balancing weight; - counterweight or balancing weight in a separate existing well; - reduced building dimensions and clearances leading to: - reductions in available space for headroom and pit; - reduced car roof balustrade dimensions; - reduced height of sill apron; - reduced height of machine and/or pulley room; - reduced available area for access door/trap door; - reduction in available height of landing doors. This document is not applicable to lifts installed before the date of its publication.


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  • Utgave: 2022-05
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  • ICS 91.140.90
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