NS-EN 81-21:2009+A1:2012


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This European Standard specifies the safety rules related to new passenger and goods/passenger lifts permanently installed in existing buildings where in some circumstances due to limitations enforced by building constraints, some requirements of EN 81-1 and EN 81-2 cannot be met (see also 4th sentence of Introduction).This European Standard addresses a number of these constraints and gives requirements for alternative solutions. It shall be read and applied in conjunction with the European Standards EN 81-1 or EN 81-2 and their amendments A1:2005 and A2:2004, including their Clause 0.This European Standard covers:- Either the construction and installation of one or more complete new lift(s) including new well and machinery spaces in an existing building; or- The replacement of one or more existing lift(s) by new ones in existing well(s) and machinery spaces.This European Standard does not cover:- Replacement or modifications of some parts to a lift already installed;- Other applications outside of the scope of EN 81-1 or EN 81-2.


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  • Utgave: 2012-08
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