NS-EN 13501-2:2016


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This European Standard specifies the procedure for classification of construction products and building elements using data from fire resistance and smoke leakage tests which are within the direct field of application of the relevant test method. Classification on the basis of extended application of test results is also included in the scope of this European Standard." This European Standard deals with: a) loadbearing elements without a fire separating function: walls; floors; roofs; beams; columns; balconies; walkways; stairs. b) loadbearing elements with a fire separating function, with or without glazing, services and fixtures: walls; floors; roofs; raised floors. c) products and systems for protecting elements or parts of the works: ceilings with no independent fire resistance; fire protective coatings, claddings and screens; d) non-loadbearing elements or parts of works, with or without glazing, services and fixtures: partitions; facades (curtain walls) and external walls; ceilings with independent fire resistance; raised floors fire doors and shutters and their closing devices; smoke control doors; conveyor systems and their closures; penetration seals; linear gap seals; service ducts and shafts; chimneys. e) wall and ceiling coverings with fire protection ability. f) lift landing doors which are tested according to EN 81-58 are excluded from this European Standard. Lift landing doors which are tested in accordance with EN 1634-1, are classified in accordance with 7.5.5. Relevant test methods which have been prepared for these elements are listed in Clauses 2 and 7.


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  • Utgave: 2016-06
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  • ICS 13.220.50
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