NS-EN 13043:2013


Rettelser og tillegg kjøpes separat.



This European Standard specifies the properties of aggregates and filler aggregates obtained by processing natural, manufactured or recycled materials and mixtures of these aggregates for use in bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas. This standard does not cover the use of reclaimed bituminous mixtures3. It also covers recycled aggregate with densities between 1,50 Mg/m3 (1 500 kg/m3) and 2,00 Mg/m3 (2 000 kg/m3) with appropriate caveats and recycled fine aggregate with appropriate caveats. A list of the source materials that have been considered and are within the scope of this standard is given in Annex A (normative). It also specifies that a quality control system is in place for use in factory production control and it provides for the evaluation of conformity of the products to this European Standard. The Tables in this standard include categories which are common across the four main aggregate standards: EN 12620, EN 13043, EN 13139 and EN 13242. Only categories shaded grey are to be used for bituminous mixtures, those in white background are not to be used and are for information only. It incorporates a general requirement that aggregates shall not release any dangerous substances in excess of the maximum permitted levels specified in a relevant European Standard for the material or permitted in the national regulations of the member state of destination (see NOTE 4). NOTE 1 Aggregates used in construction should comply with all the requirements of the relevant European Standards. These standards include comprehensive and specific requirements for natural aggregates, iron and steel making slag and recycled aggregates, dealing with, for example, the stability of certain basalts, the expansion of certain slags and the constitution of recycled aggregates. For materials from some other secondary sources, however, work is ongoing and the requirements are incomplete. In the meantime, such materials, when placed on the market as aggregates, should conform fully to this standard but may also be required to conform to specific relevant additional requirements at the place of use. Additional characteristics and requirements may be specified on a case by case basis depending upon experience of use of the product, and defined in specific contractual documents. NOTE 2 Requirements for lightweight aggregates are specified in EN 13055. NOTE 3 Requirements for reclaimed asphalt for use as a constituent of asphalt mixtures are specified in EN 13108-8 and are not therefore covered in detail in this standard. EN 13108-8 does however call up the general requirements of EN 13043 for the aggregate component of reclaimed asphalt. NOTE 4 Requirements for the declaration of the potential of aggregates to release regulated dangerous substances are currently under development. Until such time as these are finalised, attention should be paid to requirements at the place of use.


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