NS-EN 1995-2:2004+NA:2010


Note: This standard has a draft: prNS-EN 1995-2:2023

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(1) EN 1995-2 gives general design rules for the structural parts of bridges, i.e. structural members of importance for the reliability of the whole bridge or major parts of it, made of timber or other wood-based materials, either singly or compositely with concrete, steel or other materials. (2) The following subjects are dealt with in EN 1995-2: Section 1: General Section 2: Basis of design Section 3: Material properties Section 4: Durability Section 5: Basis of structural analysis Section 6: Ultimate limit states Section 7: Serviceability limit states Section 8: Connections Section 9: Structural detailing and control (3) Section 1 and Section 2 also provide additional clauses to those given in EN 1990:2002 "Eurocode: Basis of structural design". (4) Unless specifically stated, EN 1995-1-1 applies.

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