NS 11251:2023


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This document specifies requirements regarding basic competence for a coach coaching on a one-to-one basis and requirements regarding the implementation of coaching. The implementation of coaching takes place through a number of conversations between coach and coachee. In many contexts, additional competence and specialisation beyond basic competence may be required. The coaching of groups, families, minors and children requires additional competence. Additional competence may be required in areas such as mentoring, supervision, advising and therapy. The coachee's situation and context may result in a need for additional competence. Clause 4 contains a number of examples of a need for additional competence. Coaching is often compared to mentoring, supervision, advising and therapy. One distinct difference between these processes and coaching is that a coach does not make suggestions, express his or her opinions or give advice. Mentoring: is when the practitioner has a leading, disciplinary or competence-oriented role with respect to the customer. The practitioner also shares his own experiences within a given framework. Supervision: often used synonymously with mentoring in Norway, while this document requires the supervisor to have completed courses and have practical experience in supervision. Advising: is when consultations take place concerning subject-specific situations or personal requests are made for specific advice in connection with decisions and actions. The goal that the persons seeking the advice is/are working towards is the guiding factor in the advisory process. Therapy: is when deeper emotional support is needed in a person’s personal or professional development. Therapy is used where there is a need to work at a deeper level, regardless of whether or not there is a diagnosis, for example in the case of depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, crises and wounds where coaching is unsuitable.

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