NS-EN 817:2008


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This European Standard specifies: - the dimensional, leaktightness, pressure resistance, hydraulic performance, mechanical strength, endurance and acoustic characteristics with which mechanical mixing valves need to comply; - test methods to verify the characteristics; - the tests described in this European Standard are type tests (laboratory tests) and not quality control tests carried out during manufacture. This European Standard applies to PN 10 mechanical mixing valve for use with sanitary appliances installed in rooms used for bodily hygiene (cloakrooms, bathrooms etc.) and in kitchens i.e. for use with baths, wash basins, bidets, showers and sinks. The conditions of use and classifications are given in Table 1. Table 1 - Conditions of use/classifications


  • Standard fra SN
  • Publisert:
  • Utgave: 2008-06
  • Versjon: 1
  • Varetype: NAT
  • Products.Specs.pages
  • ICS 91.140.70
  • National Committee SN/K 98


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