NS-EN 81-58:2022


Rettelser og tillegg kjøpes separat.



This document specifies the fire resistance requirements for lift landing doors which are intended to provide a barrier to the spread of fire from the landing side and via the lift well in buildings during a defined period of time. The fire resistance requirements are expressed in terms of integrity (E), insulation (EI) and radiation (EW). It is applicable to lift landing doors installed in the lift well openings at landings and used as means of access to lift car. It also specifies the method of testing and classification of fire resistance of lift landing doors. The test method is only valid for furnaces where the door is mounted in a vertical position. The test method specifies the measurement of integrity and if required the measurement of radiation and thermal insulation. This document does not cover other technical requirements in addition to fire resistance requirements. This document refers to CO2 as means of tracing the propagation of fire. The document does not cover hazards due to emission of gases. This document is not applicable to lifts which are installed before the date of its publication.


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  • Utgave: 2022-05
  • Versjon: 1
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  • ICS 13.220.20
  • ICS 91.140.90
  • National Committee SN/K 37


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