NS-EN 13501-5:2016


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This European Standard provides the fire performance classification procedures for roofs/roof coverings exposed to external fire based on the four test methods given in CEN/TS 1187:2012 and the relevant extended application rules. For the classification of a roof/roof covering, only those test methods and those application rules need to be applied for which the corresponding classification is envisaged. Products are considered in relation to their end use application. NOTE The distinction between roofs with a steep slope and facades, in terms of the test and classification standard to be applied, may be subject to national regulations. General information on the four test methods in CEN/TS 1187 is given in Annex A.


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  • Publisert:
  • Utgave: 2016-06
  • Versjon: 1
  • Varetype: NAT
  • Products.Specs.pages
  • ICS 13.220.50
  • ICS 91.060.20
  • National Committee CEN/TC 127/WG 7


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