NS-EN 13285:2018


Rettelser og tillegg kjøpes separat.



This European Standard specifies requirements for unbound mixtures used for construction and maintenance of roads, airfields and other trafficked areas. The requirements are defined with appropriate cross-reference to EN 13242. This European Standard applies to unbound mixtures of natural, artificial and recycled aggregates (see annex A) with a upper sieve size (D) from 8 mm to 80 mm and lower sieve size (d) = 0 at the point of delivery. NOTE 1 Mixtures with an upper sieve size (D) greater than 80 mm are not covered by this European Standard but may be specified in the place of use. NOTE 2 Water content of the mixture and the density of the installed layer are not specified mixture requirements. Both parameters are related to the control of the construction of the layer, and are outside the scope of this European Standard.


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