NS-EN 1304:1998


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This European standard defines clay roofing tiles and determines the general specifications to which they are bound as well as the rules for classification, marking and quality control of products. It applies to all tiles and fittings as defined in 4.1. Clay roofing tiles and clay fittings which conform to this standard are suitable for use as vertical cladding. The geometric and flexural strength criteria are not applicable to clay fittings or special tiles. This standard defines the specifications which, if satisfactory at the time of delivery, ensure that the product is able to withstand the modifications that occur at materials in normal conditions of use whilst continuing to fulfil its proper functions. Consequently, if the tests are carried out on tiles taken from a site after delivery, only the test results for the geometric and impermeability criteria can be used without further analysis. Any other criteria can only be applied whilst taking into account the stresses to which the tiles have been subjected to as from their initial state, at which time they were held to satisfy the requirements of the standard. NOTE : When tiles are used as vertical cladding, it is recommended that a suitable method of fixing be provided.


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  • ICS 01.040.91
  • ICS 91.100.25
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