NS-EN 12927:2019


Rettelser og tillegg kjøpes separat.



This document specifies the safety requirements applicable to: - Selection criteria for ropes and their end fixings - Safety factors (excluding brake ropes) - Discard criteria - Storage, handling, transportation and installation (including tensioning, connecting and/or splicing) - Long splicing of 6 strand haulage, carrying-hauling rope and carrying-hauling rope (for ski-tow) - End fixings - Maintenance and the minimum requirements applicable to: - MRT, visual and radiographic equipment and procedures for the examination of steel wire ropes. This document is not applicable to cableway installations for the transportation of goods nor to lifts. This document includes requirements relating to the prevention of accidents and the protection of workers irrespective of the application of national regulations. National regulations of a building or federal/state nature or which serve to protect particular groups of people remain unaffected.


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  • Utgave: 2019-05
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