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This document describes the requirements for deliverables, contents and best practices for Company's 3D CAD models using the Aveva design and administration application.The document describes the requirement for the data structure in the 3D model. The target group is everyone involved in creating or updating the Company 3D CAD models. This includes everyone that is:involved in creating or updating 3D LCI information, Contractor engineering personnel, equipment suppliers, Company engineering personnel;involved in performing LCI quality control (e.g., engineering, MC, Commissioning team, LCI coordinators, LCI supervisors, information owners, document controllers, material administrators);involved in maintaining LCI for plants in operation. Clause 14 is not a stand-alone clause. It is based on the 3D CAD model requirements in the complete specification.If users are in any doubt in interpretation of this document, a consult with relevant Company can be necessary.


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