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The tool ‘RispEx’ referred to in NORSOK Z-013 Risk and emergency preparedness assessment can be purchased from DnV from this site: RispEx | Veracity by DNV


This NORSOK standard describes major accident risk assessment and emergency preparedness assessments for offshore and onshore facilities for production of oil and gas. The principles and approaches outlined in this document can also be used for other applications, e.g. for mobile offshore drilling units.This document covers the process of planning and execution of risk and emergency preparedness assessments, including how to establish the risk picture and the assessment of potential risk reducing measures. Risk treatment, i.e. the process and decisions related to how to deal with identified risks (e.g. acceptance, the need for modifications and/or implementation of risk reducing measures) are, however, not covered by this standard. Nor is the establishment of risk acceptance criteria covered.This document focuses on major accident risk for personnel, including loss of integrity of facility and loss of main safety functions which can give loss of lives. With respect to environmental risk the standard describes input to be given to Environmental Risk Assessments. Methods for assessment of economical risk is not included.This document focuses on major accidents for personnel where consequences can be loss of several lives during the accident and loss of integrity of facility which can give loss of lives. Consequences with respect to loss of health is not included, but the HAZID can be used to identify hazards where consequences can be loss of health.The document covers assessment of all typical major accidents and describes detailed methods for analysis of:leaks from process, riser/pipeline and wellsfire,explosion,toxic gas exposure.impactsship collisionfalling and swinging loadsThis document does not cover risk analysis methods for major accidents related to intentional malicious acts, e.g. terror and sabotage.This document covers requirements for establishing emergency preparedness for handling of hazard and accident situations (DSHA) i.e give input to establishment or update of the emergency response plan. The selection of DSHAs includes major accidents, however also includes:accidental events that appear in risk assessment without being identified as major accidents;temporary increase of risk or incidents not covered in the risk assessment and;events that have been identified in comparable activities.The document defines the main steps of the emergency preparedness assessment and gives requirements for follow-up and continuous improvement.The document specifies requirements relevant for project development and for operation. Life cycle phases are illustrated in Figure 1 .  


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