NORSOK S-002N:2018+AC:2021


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The purpose of this NORSOK standard is to ensure that the design of the facility promotes a sound working environment during the operational phase. NOTE Working environment requirements are defined in the Working Environment Act and its associated regulations and the regulations issued by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA). The target group for this NORSOK standard comprises all parties involved in the design and verification of projects. This NORSOK standard applies primarily to the design of new facilities or the upgrading of existing facilities for offshore drilling, production, use and pipeline transportation of petroleum, including accommodation units for such activities. This NORSOK standard stipulates design requirements related to the working environment of petroleum facilities, as well as requirements for systematic management of working environment design in project development. Parts of this NORSOK standard can be used for the verification of existing facilities. This NORSOK standard can be used for the design of onshore facilities in the petroleum industry. This NORSOK standard shall be used to safeguard the interface between facility and machinery or cranes and the overall working environment in equipment packages or areas consisting of several individual pieces of machinery. This means that areas around cranes or machinery, including access for maintenance, lighting, noise etc., shall comply with this NORSOK standard. This also applies within and around equipment packages that are not defined as machines.


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