NORSOK N-006:2015


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This NORSOK standard specifies general principles and guidelines for assessment of the structural integrity of existing offshore structures as a supplement to NORSOK N-001 and should be used in conjunction with NORSOK N-003, NORSOK N-004 and NORSOK N-005. This NORSOK standard serves as an alternative to NORSOK N-001 for cases where structures are to be operated beyond original design requirements and structural resistance is not easily verified through ordinary design calculations, and where use of additional information gained through the life of the structure can be used to demonstrate structural adequacy. The general principles of this NORSOK standard are applicable to all types of offshore structures used in the petroleum activities. As the majority of ageing facilities are fixed structures of the jacket type, the detailed recommendations given are most relevant for this type of structure. The general principles given in this NORSOK standard is applicable to different types of materials used including steel, concrete, aluminium, etc. For assessments of structures of other materials than steel the detailed requirements that may be needed should be developed on a case by case basis. The general principles of this NORSOK standard is applicable to the assessment of complete structures including substructures, topside structures, vessel hulls, foundations, marine systems, mooring systems, subsea facilities and mechanical outfitting that contributes to maintain the assumed load conditions of the structure.


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  • ICS 75.180.10
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