NORSOK M-101:2024


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This document covers the requirements for fabrication and inspection of offshore steel structures with SMYS < 500 MPa and with a minimum design temperature down to -10 °C (non-Arctic), -20 °C (Arctic 1), -30 °C (Arctic 2) and  -40 °C (Arctic 3).The document ensures safe quality for up to 50 years design life for offshore platforms, jackets, topside modules for FPSO and other floaters, subsea production system structures and minor structures.Special structure application where higher SMYS is needed shall be handled outside this document. Annex H and Annex I defines the general requirements for structural bolting in the execution of structural steelwork as structures or as fabricated components. Annex H and Annex I are valid for thread sizes M12 to M72 mm and for property classes 8.8 and 10.9. For stainless bolts Annex H and Annex I are only applicable for thread sizes M12 to M39 mm and for property class A4-80. Sizes greater than M24 for property class A4-80 might not be available as bolt and nut assemblies. Annex H and Annex I do not cover anchor bolts and welded bolting assemblies. Excluded from the scope is also bolting for SPS (Subsea Production Systems) and SURF (Subsea Umbilical's Risers Flowlines).


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