SN-CEN/TS 1992-4-1:2009


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1.1 General 1.1.1 This CEN/TS provides a design method for fasteners for structural purposes, which are used to transmit actions to the concrete. Inserts embedded in precast concrete elements during production, under FPC conditions and with the due reinforcement, intended for use only during transient situations for lifting and handling, are covered by the CEN/TR “Design and Use of Inserts for Lifting and Handling Precast Concrete Elements”, by CEN TC 229. 1.1.2 This CEN/TS is intended for applications in which the failure of fastenings will: 1) result in collapse or partial collapse of the structure, or 2) cause risk to human life, or 3) lead to significant economic loss. 1.1.3 The support of the fixture may be either statically determinate or statically indeterminate, defined as multiple anchor use in some European Technical Approvals (ETAs). Each support may consist of one fastener or a group of fasteners. 1.1.4 This CEN/TS is valid for applications which fall within the scope of the series EN 1992. In applications where special considerations apply, e.g. nuclear power plants or civil defence structures, modifications may be necessary. 1.1.5 This CEN/TS does not cover the design of the fixture. The design of the fixture shall be carried out to comply with the appropriate Standards. Requirements for stiffness and ductility of the fixture are given in clauses 5 and 8. 1.2 Type of fasteners and fastening groups 1.2.1 This CEN/TS applies to: a) cast-in fasteners such as headed fasteners, anchor channels with rigid connection between fastener and channel; b) post-installed anchors such as expansion anchors, undercut anchors, concrete screws, bonded anchors, bonded expansion anchors and bonded undercut anchors. For other types of fasteners modifications of the design provisions may be necessary. (...)


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