SN-CEN/TS 17440:2020


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1.1 Scope of CEN/TS 17440 (1)This document provides additional or amended provisions to EN 1990 to cover the assessment of existing structures (see EN 1990:2002, 1.1(4)), and the retained parts of existing structures that are being modified, extended, strengthened or retrofitted. NOTE 1 The assessment of an existing structure is, in many aspects, different from the design of a new structure, see Introduction. NOTE 2 There can be some aspects of EN 1990 that are required for design but are not applicable for assessment. The definition of those aspects of EN 1990 that are not applicable can be included in the definition of the assessment objectives and the approach to the assessment, see 5. NOTE 3 This document is based on the general requirements and principles of structural reliability provided in Eurocodes EN 1990 and EN 1991. (2) This document covers general principles regarding actions for assessment complementing EN 1991. NOTE Supplementary provisions for seismic actions due to earthquake are provided in EN 1998. (3) This document includes general principles for the assessment of the structural resistance of existing structures. NOTE The specific models used to assess resistance are not provided in this document and will depend on the materials and structure types. (4) This document does not provide specific rules for initiation of assessment. (5) This document does not provide specific rules on how to undertake interventions that can be carried out as a result of an assessment. (6) This document does not cover the design of new elements that will be integrated into an existing structure. NOTE For the design of new elements, see EN 1990. 1.2 Assumptions (1) The general assumptions of CEN/TS 17440 are: - the assessment of the structure is made by appropriately qualified and experienced personnel; - adequate supervision and quality control is provided during the assessment process; - the structure will be used in accordance with the assessment assumptions; - the structure will be maintained in accordance with the assessment assumptions.


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