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EN 1998-3 is intended to provide criteria for the assessment of the seismic performance of existing individual buildings or bridges, to describe the procedure to be followed in selecting necessary corrective measures and to set forth criteria for the design of retrofitting measures. It covers the seismic assessment and retrofitting of buildings and bridges made of the more commonly used structural materials: concrete, steel and composite, timber and masonry. Although the provisions of EN 1998-3 are applicable to all common categories of buildings and bridges, the seismic assessment and retrofitting of monuments and historical structures often requires different types of provisions and approaches, depending on the nature of the monuments. It is also not intended for the vulnerability assessment of populations or groups of structures in the scope of seismic risk evaluation.


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  • Utgave: 2023-09
  • Versjon: 1
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  • ICS 91.010.30
  • ICS 91.120.25
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