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1.1 Scope of prEN 1993-6 (1) EN 1993-6 provides rules for structural design of crane supporting structures. (2) EN 1993-6 is applicable to crane supporting structures, especially to indoor and outdoor overhead crane runway beams, of: a) overhead travelling cranes, either: - top-mounted cranes; - underslung cranes; b) monorail hoist blocks. NOTE The principles of the design rules can be applied to supporting structures of other types of cranes making due allowance for differences in the crane-induced actions, if exist. For example, the design rules for supporting structures of the cranes listed in (2) assume that the horizontal crane loads occur randomly scattered along the runways in general. This assumption does not apply to other cranes such as travelling wall jib cranes. (3) EN 1993-6 does not apply to the tracks and suspensions of light crane systems conforming with EN 16851, see Figure 1.1. NOTE The standardized tracks and suspensions of light crane systems are considered as parts of the crane. Figure 1.1 - Light crane system (4) Additional rules are given for ancillary runway items including crane rails, structural end stops, surge connectors and surge girders and for runway supporting structures. (5) EN 1993 6 does not apply to cranes and all other moving parts. NOTE Provisions for cranes are given in EN 13001 series. 1.2 Assumptions (1) Unless specifically stated, EN 1990, EN 1991 and the EN 1993-1 series apply. (2) The design methods given in EN 1993-6 are applicable if - the execution quality and tolerances are as specified in EN 1090-2, and; - the construction materials and products used are as specified in the relevant parts of EN 1993, or in the relevant material and product specifications. (3) Following interfaces between hoisting device and its supporting structure are assumed: a) the top of crane rail for top-mounted cranes; b) the top of flange on which the crane or hoist block operates for underslung cranes and monorail hoist blocks; c) the support points as shown in Figure 1.1 for light crane systems.


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