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(1)P This Part 3 of Eurocode 6 provides simplified calculation methods to facilitate the design of the following unreinforced masonry walls, subject to certain conditions of application: walls subjected to vertical loading and wind loading; walls subjected to concentrated loads; shear walls; basement walls subjected to lateral earth pressure and vertical loads; walls subjected to lateral loads but not subjected to vertical loads. (2)P The rules given in Part 3 are consistent with those given in Part 1-1, but are more conservative in respect of the conditions and limitations of their use. (3) For those types of masonry structure or parts of structures not covered by (1), the design shall be based on Part 1-1. (4) This Part 3 applies only to those masonry structures, or parts thereof, that are described in Part 1-1 and Part 2. (5) The simplified calculation methods given in this Part 3 do not cover the design for accidental situations.


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