NS-EN 1993-1-5:2006


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(1) EN 1993-1-5 gives design requirements of stiffened and unstiffened plates which are subject to inplaneforces.(2) Effects due to shear lag, in-plane load introduction and plate buckling for I-section girders and boxgirders are covered. Also covered are plated structural components subject to in-plane loads as in tanks andsilos. The effects of out-of-plane loading are outside the scope of this document.NOTE 1: The rules in this part complement the rules for class 1, 2, 3 and 4 sections, see EN 1993-1-1.NOTE 2: For the design of slender plates which are subject to repeated direct stress and/or shear and alsofatigue due to out-of-plane bending of plate elements (breathing) see EN 1993-2 and EN 1993-6.NOTE 3: For the effects of out-of-plane loading and for the combination of in-plane effects and out-of-planeloading effects see EN 1993-2 and EN 1993-1-7.NOTE 4: Single plate elements may be considered as flat where the curvature radius r satisfies:tar2³ (1.1)where a is the panel widtht is the plate thickness


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