NS-EN 13200-3:2018


Rettelser og tillegg kjøpes separat.



This European Standard specifies design requirements for layout and product characteristics for separating elements within spectator accommodation at permanent or temporary entertainment venues including sport stadia, sport halls, indoor and outdoor facilities for the purpose of enabling their functionality. Other permanent venues such as theatres, cinemas, opera houses, lecture halls and similar are excluded from this standard. Elements and barriers included in this standard are: - barrier front of a row of fixed seats; - barrier adjacent to end row of seats; - barrier behind a rear row of seats; - barrier at the foot of a gangway or on stairway, aligned at right angles to the direction of movement; - side or lateral barrier, aligned parallel to the direction of spectator movement; - gangway barriers; - gangway barriers in standing areas, aligned at right angles to the direction of spectator movement; - crush barriers; - barriers for spectator galleries; - external perimeter barriers and barriers between sectors.


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