NS-ISO 22379:2022


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This document gives guidance on hosting and organizing citywide or regional events. It provides principles applicable to any host and organizer of citywide or regional events. This document will help hosts and organizers to plan and execute a safe, secure and sustainable event by: — introducing a process for cooperation between the host and organizer; — identifying and involving relevant interested parties;— identifying the economic, environmental and societal impact caused by the event; — establishing necessary measures to manage risks introduced by or affecting the event; — establishing necessary measures to deliver the event; — providing critical services to the public and to the event; — providing interested parties and the public with information; — providing future hosts and organizers of similar events with lessons identified; — introducing an event legacy plan consistent with the long-term objectives for the city or region. This document is general and strategic and does not include detailed descriptions or how to plan and execute specific tasks.

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  • ICS 03.100.01
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