NS-EN 81-70:2003


Note: This standard has a new edition: NS-EN 81-70:2021+A1:2022

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This European standard specifies the requirements for the accessibility of new lifts serving defined landing levels, having a car designed for the transportation of persons, and moving along guide rails inclined at an angle of more then 15degrees to the horizontal. NOTE: This standard may be used as guidance for upgrading existing lifts in line with the recommandation of the European Commission dated 8th of June, 1995 (95/216/EC) concerning improvements to safety of existing lifts. This European standard describes three sizes of lifts offering different levels of accessibility to wheelchair users.

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  • Standard from SN
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  • Edition: 2003-05
  • Version: 1
  • Document type: NAT
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  • ICS 91.140.90
  • National Committee SN/K 37

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