NS 8407:2011


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This record describes the scope of NS 8407 and important conditions for the use of the standard. The record therefore relates to matters preceding the conclusion of individual contracts based on NS 8407. Individual contracts will not be invalidated if the parties deviate from the usage framework set out below. However, it should be noted that such deviations may be disloyal in view of the conditions on which the standard is based and which underpin the balanced solutions it provides. Introduction to the standard This standard is intended to regulate contractual relations in which one party (the design and build contractor), takes on all or a substantial proportion of the design and execution of building or civil engineering works (including construction, new build, maintenance, repair and alterations), for the other party (the client). The standard expresses what the members of the committee have agreed to be general conditions of contract for design and build contracts. The intention is for the standard to be applied without alterations or deviations other than those for which the standard itself or the record allows. Other deviations may only be made if special circumstances pertaining to the individual project, for example the performance model, indicate that this is necessary. Some circumstances relating to design and build contracts cannot be regulated by contract. These circumstances concern how the parties should act prior to concluding a contract (the tender/competition phase), and this record therefore provides guidance on these.

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